Practical advantages

  • mobility

  • The floating planning is movable and can bring closer and exclude volumes and flows.

  • That practical advantage allows you to move with your construction by a very inexpensive way.

  • Modularity

  • The floating architecture is scalable and can be adapted to better meet the needs of these users.

  • Flexible and based on a modular system, the floating planning provides the ability to create and compose an ideal building to suit to all needs and desires.

  • Different modules are available for a quick assembly without the need of complex editing techniques.

  • Luminosity

  • The reflection of light and the glare from water amplifies the natural light and a bright atmosphere.

  • Regulation

  • In many countries the construction of a floating home is not subject to planning permission

Feeling of creativity and liberty

Floating architecture offers many practical advantages which induce a big feeling of freedom and a infinite creativity. Today the space and the light became a luxe while on the blue, we have it in abundance.

The water and her aquatique light ambience make you feel so good. Everybody goes on holidays to relax next to the water because life is really always sweeter on the water. All those practical advantages are inexpensive solutions regarding all the comfort and the luxury they can bring into your life. This real nice lifestyle provide also a lot of:

Floating architecture practical advantages in fFrench or swiss

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