Floating architecture designed for living and working on water

Floating architecture and urbanism offer new, generous and free spaces on the water. Urbanization has always developed around streams, rivers, lakes, coastlines… The water covers about 70% of the space of our world.

Floating architecture can expand on the seas and oceans the light sources following the coastlines, rivers and canals

Floating architecture can expand on the seas and oceans the light sources following the coastlines, rivers and canals

This enlightenment of human imagination defy the tradition and the pre-established thoughts of the past by searching for the practical and useful knowledge to live in harmony with the nature.


Floating architecture is a solution for global warming

Global warming causes the melting of ice and consequently the increase of the liquid mass on the globe.

If all of the continental glaciers melted, the 30 million km³ of ice would amount the sea level about 84 meters. The floating architecture allows to anticipate this phenomenon.

 Simulation of rising water

World map after the ice melts
Simulation of rising water


Floating architecture and urban planning are more than ever topical and offer many advantages:

Our team of architects and engineers explores unusual and uncommon ways and solutions by being free and focused on continuous improvement and breakthrough thinking.


Floating architecture is a modular future perspective

We believe that the future is on the water and we want to start to build it today.

Our goal is to serve your project and to enrich it with a lateral thinking and problem-solving style that involves looking the given situation from unexpected angles.

Floating architecture creates new paradigms, idea generation and problem solving that are not constrained by self-imposed limits or conventional barriers.

Floating urban planning bring the ideal context for this breakthrough and out of the box thinking where unique solutions are synthesized.

Complex in its simplicity and simple in its complexity, floating structures and technologies have all the skills required to implement this new world on water and spread this revolutionary way of thinking.

Our mission is to be salt and light to change our view and literally transform the world around us by providing the future generation a philosophy and a lifestyle based on a healthy and progressive environment that encourages innovative thinking and allows the synthesis of ingenious and creative unique solutions.


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    According to numerous studies specialized scientists, an increase in sea levels of up to 1 m could lead to the sinking of some parts of the world less than 10% of the Netherlands, 20% in Bangladesh and 80% of the Maldives to do among others.

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